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Novoloid Fiber with PTFE and Graphite TEADIT 2773

Novoloid Fiber with PTFE and Graphite TEADIT 2773

Description and Application

Teadit produces Style 2773 in a interbraid cross-section with proprietary yarn composed of Novoloid and other high quality synthetic fibers. It is impregnated with PTFE, graphite and silicone oil. 
Style 2773 Compression Packing can be successfully used in a variety of abrasive media, such as those seen in the steel industry, the manufacturing of non-bleached packaging paper, and is also quite beneficial to the mining industry. It has excellent performance in pumps utilized for slag, ore pulp, irrigation, mining, and wastewater treatment plants. It also performs well in equipment designed for fluids that contain solids or suspended solids.

Service Limits
Temperature ºF (ºC): -148 (-100) up to 480 (250)
Pressure psi (bar): 
- Static: 1740 (120)
- Rotating: 290 (20)
- Reciprocating: 870 (60)
PH: 1 - 13
Shaft Speed f/m (m/s): 3937 (20)