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TEADIT - 2255

Thương hiệu: TEADIT

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Synthetic Yarn with Graphite, Lubricated TEADIT 2255

Description and Application

Style 2255 is an interlock braid using carded synthetic yarns thoroughly impregnated with a special petroleum based lubricant and graphite.

Style 2255 is a dense, but flexible general service packing that adapts well to worn or scored shafts often found in older equipment. It assures an excellent seal against steam, brine, oil, and mild acids and alkalis. This style is well-suited for applications in rotary and centrifugal pumps and some valves.

Service Limits
Temperature ºF (ºC): -148 (-100) up to 446 (230)
Pressure psi (bar): 
- Static: 725 (50)
- Rotating: 290 (20)
- Reciprocating: 725 (50)
PH: 4 - 10
Shaft Speed f/m (m/s): 1968 (10)