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Thương hiệu: TEADIT

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Dây Tết Chèn Phenolic Fiber with PTFE TEADIT 2774


Description and Application

Teadit produces Style 2774 in a interbraid cross-section with proprietary yarn, composed of Phenolic and other high quality synthetic fibers. It is impregnated with PTFE and mineral lubricant.
Style 2774 Compression Packing is recommended for use in processes with fluids containing suspended solids, where contamination from graphite cannot be tolerated. It can be utilized in pumps, agitators, and mixers in addition to rotating equipment and valves. Style 2774 has an excellent cost vs benefit ratio, and qualifies as one of the best options for pulp and paper, sugar and alcohol industries, all of which need a packing that is able to withstand granular and abrasive applications. It provides high durability and resistance to chemical attack without wearing out or damaging the shaft.

Service Limits
Temperature ºF (ºC): -148 (-100) up to 480 (250)
Pressure psi (bar): 
- Static: 1740 (120)
- Rotating: 290 (20)
- Reciprocating: 870 (60)
PH: 1 - 13
Shaft Speed f/m (m/s): 2950 (15)