Araflex - AF-5450W

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Tấm Gioăng Không Amiang AF-5450W Araflex
Nhiệt độ lớn nhất: 450 độ C
Nhiệt độ làm việc: 300 độ C
Áp suất lớn nhất: 150bar

Araflex - AF-5450W

AF-5400W also produced with SS wire reinforced for higher tensile and strength.

High heated furnaces and molten bitumen are always a problematic area for gaskets.

Araflex AF-5450W designed to achieve long life sealing in heated joints and hot fluids. We blend Carbon Fiber with high grade NBR binder to attain special properties of industry needs.

Max Peak Temp: 450 0C

Pressure max: 150bar

Max Cont. Temp: 300 0C