Stainless Steel 3 Way Auto Return Electric Ball Valve

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Van Bi Điều Khiển Điện 3 Ngả INOX 316 Nối Ren

Áp lực / Nhiệt độ: 10kgf/m2 / 90 độ C
Điều khiển bằng 1 pha, 220V AC - IP67
Ứng dụng: Dùng cho Water, Oil, Neutral gas, Liquid, Acid..etc

Stainless Steel 3 Way Auto Return Electric Ball Valve

The 3 way L port BAS series electrically actuated ball valves automatically returns the valve to its original position when de-energised. The compact design works in the same way as a solenoid valve and can be considered ‘fail safe’ once the storage capacitor has charged up (approx 60 seconds). Unlike a solenoid valve, the 3 way series BAS can take full pressure in either direction, eliminating the need for a check valve. It has a wide range of industry applications namely; dirty or contaminated fluids, viscous fluids, some corrosive fluids (check compatibility), gravity feed applications, anti water hammer slow close function, IP67 corrosive resistant enclosure, low power/solar/battery operated circuits (12-24v AC/DC).  Threads conform to ISO 7.1 Sealing Threads.



Size (BSP) Size (mm) Media Pressure Media Temperature
1/2" 12 0 to 10 Bar 2°C to 90°C
3/4" 15 0 to 10 Bar 2°C to 90°C



Body Material 316 S.S
Ball Material 316 S.S
Seat Material PTFE with Viton O’Ring
Enclosure Thermoplastic IP65
Current 5 Watt Max (45 ~ 100 mA)
Current Draw at rest (open or close position) 20 Milli Amp
Capacitor Charge Time 60 Seconds
Open/Close Time 5 Seconds
Mounting Any Attitude


Part Material
Actuator Housing ABS
Valve Body 316 Stainless Steel
Valve Ball 316 Stainless Steel
Stem 403 Stainless Steel
Seal Viton