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Van Giảm Áp Nước - Dầu YOSHITAKE GD-200/GD-200H

1. Pressure balance structure can keep the reduced pressure at a constant
level without being affected by inlet pressure.
2. Highly wear-resistance and durability of stainless steel made valve seat.
3. Maintenance and inspection can be conducted easily by disassembling
simply from the upper side.
4. A rubber disc prevents leakage when the valve is closed.
5. The GD-200C provides excellent corrosion resistance due to inner and
outer body surface coated with Nylon 11.

Pressure Reducing Valve GD-200 
* Direct-acting type
* Stable reduced pressure against fluctuation of inlet pressure because of pressure balance mechanism

Feature Direct-acting type / Inlet pressure Max.1.0 MPa
Type Direct-acting type
Specifications Application Cold and hot water , Oil (kerosene , heavy oil A and B) , Air , Other non-dangerous fluids
Inlet pressure Max. 1.0MPa
Reduced pressure 0.05 - 0.7MPa(*)
Connection JIS 10K FF flanged
Min. differential pressure 0.05MPa
Max. pressure reduction ratio 10:1
Max. temperature 80 degree(C)
Material Body Ductile cast iron
Valve & seat NBR & Stainless steel
Diaphragm NBR
* Reduced pressure
A: 0.05-0.25 MPa
B: 0.26-0.7 MPa
* Trim (Valve seat, Spindle) material [SUS316]is also available (GD-200HS)